Your borrowing capacity can increase significantly when you prove to creditors that you’re a responsible credit card holder and can handle more credit.


Lenders are more likely to extend an attractive rate for your home loan when you have a high credit score and clean credit history.


If you’re in the market for a new car and are thinking of leasing instead of buying, you might have some bargaining power when you flaunt your high credit score.

Welcome to Top Tier

Top Tier Financial Solutions is a credit repair company based in New York City that has helped many clients save thousands of dollars and improve their credit scores. Our team of experts can assist you with credit recovery and help you achieve your financial goals. If you are looking for credit repair services in NYC, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us.


What Credit Repair Companies Do

Credit repair companies review your credit reports to identify and address inaccuracies by contacting credit bureaus, such as TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. They work on your behalf to dispute questionable items and leverage their knowledge of consumer protection laws to negotiate with creditors to waive fees and eliminate debts. By removing negative items from your credit reports, such as

Late payments
Medical bills
Tax liens

The process of requesting and analyzing credit reports, as well as contacting creditors and credit bureaus, can be time-consuming and requires credit expertise to effectively negotiate with creditors. Credit repair companies have the necessary experience and knowledge to handle these tasks more efficiently than most people can do on their own.


At Top Tier Financial Solutions, we specialize in credit repair, utilizing our expertise and proven processes to provide guaranteed customer service that is second to none. With a track record of helping thousands of Americans correct their credit reports, we're confident that we can help you too!

Break the bond to regain financial freedom

At Top Tier Financial Solutions, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. Our services are founded on dedication, professionalism, and transparency. We don't charge any upfront fees and only bill for work that is fully completed, which means you only pay for what you get. With us, you can trust that you're receiving honest, transparent services.

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The Cost of Credit Repair

If you're curious about the cost of credit repair, you're not alone. It's often one of the first questions we receive after describing the services offered by credit repair companies. The amount you'll pay for credit repair depends on the extent of the work needed to improve your credit score. Clients with a large number of negative items on their credit reports will typically pay more than those with fewer items to dispute.

The only way to know how much credit repair costs is to contact the credit recovery company Top Tier Financial Solutions. After reviewing your unique credit situation, an estimate of the credit repair cost can be given.


Improving your credit profile is a crucial financial decision, and Top Tier Financial Solutions is here to help you achieve your optimal credit score. Our credit repair services are designed to be convenient, personalized, and effective, so you can easily reach your financial goals.

FREE Credit Review

Before starting the credit repair process, it's important to determine whether it's suitable for your situation. Get in touch with us today for a complimentary credit report review to assess your eligibility.

In-Depth Analysis

Receive a comprehensive credit report audit and personalized approach to address errors and improve your credit score.

Personalized Disputes

Our personalized disputes utilize consumer protection laws like the FCRA and FDCPA to remove inaccurate and unverifiable items.

Timely Results

Typically, our clients use our services for 4 to 6 months, but many see results within 30 days of sending the initial dispute letters on their behalf.


Overall Deletions


Business Planning


100% Deletions


Get A Fresh Start


According to a recent study, one in five American consumers has an error on their credit report, and 5% of these errors are serious enough to cause overcharging on credit card debts, auto loans, insurance policies, and other financial obligations.

Contact a Credit Repair Company that Works

With so many credit repair companies in NYC, it can be overwhelming to choose one that will increase your credit score. It's important to select a company that has a proven track record of clearing inaccuracies and negative items on their clients' credit reports, resulting in a credit score increase.

At Top Tier Financial Solutions, our effective credit recovery approach has helped numerous clients improve their financial standings. Our satisfied clients have been able to secure approvals for mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and business loans, putting more money in their pockets. Our credit repair services are an investment in your financial future, paying for themselves through the improved credit score and financial health of our clients.

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